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Minor Dental Issues

Minor Dental Issues

Minor Dental Issues If you are experiencing minor dental issues, it’s important that you get to the dentist to take care of it before it becomes a serious issues. Here are a few minor issues that you may be experiencing. Minor Dental Issues | Morning Breath Morning breath is a common problem, and it is […]

Why Use Fluoride?

Why Use Fluoride

Why Use Fluoride? You may be wondering, “Why use fluoride?” It is a great method to help keep your teeth safe from decay as well as strengthening your enamel and possibly repairing your enamel. Chemical compounds that contain fluoride, most notably sodium fluoride, are essential in the prevention of cavities. Though fluoride is readily available […]

2017 Halloween Candy Buyback Program

2017 Halloween Candy Buyback Program

This Halloween, Teach Dental Group will be taking your kids’ candy…and replacing it with sugar-free alternatives. Our office is a platinum partner with the thirteenth annual Halloween Candy Buyback, a program that allows dentists throughout the country to educate their young patients about the importance of dental care—without sacrificing the fun of trick-or-treating. What is […]

Is Dental Amalgam Safe?

Is Dental Amalgam Safe Experienced Buffalo Dentist Explains

Mercury amalgam fillings were among the most popular options for fillings for several decades. Though the metallic substance in these fillings contained metals such as copper, silver, and tin, about half of the dental amalgam material was mercury, an element that is toxic to living organisms. Because fillings slowly deteriorate over time, many individuals who […]

Dental Sealant Benefits

Dental Sealant Benefits Experienced Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Children’s teeth and adults’ teeth alike can benefit from dental sealants, which are an aspect of preventative dentistry that helps to fend off infection and decay. As the name suggests, the sealant forms a protective barrier around an individual tooth, making it more difficult for bacteria to penetrate the enamel. In the video below, dentist […]

Can You Still Get A Cavity with Porcelain Veneers?

Can You Still Get A Cavity with Porcelain Veneers Buffalo Dentist

When discoloration, thin enamel, and cracks or chips threaten a tooth’s functionality and appearance, installing a veneer over the tooth provides a long-lasting and durable solution, shielding the tooth from further damage. As strong as veneers are, however, they are not impenetrable armor, and teeth with veneers require the same level of care that regular […]

Buffalo Dental Care Guide

Dental Care Guide

Keeping your mouth clean can not only prevent tooth decay and other oral infections, but it can also help keep your entire body healthy. The Buffalo dentists at Teach Dental Group created the Buffalo Dental Care Guide to help you maintain optimal oral health. HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR TEETH  Oral Health and Overall Health […]

How Pregnant Women, Diabetics, and Young Children Can Benefit from Dental Care

How Pregnant Women, Diabetics, and Young Children Can Benefit from Dental Care

How Pregnant Women, Diabetics, and Young Children Can Benefit from Dental Care Consistent dental care is important for individuals of all ages, and daily brushing and flossing will only help to preserve the quality and brightness of the smile. Semiannual visits to a dental health care professional for tooth cleanings and oral exams are also […]