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Dental implants are devices that can fill in the gap where a tooth used to be, and they are recommended for individuals who do not wish to receive dental bridges or partial dentures.

In a small surgical operation, an implant is screwed into the jawbone, and the titanium base of the implant gradually fuses with the bone, similar to how the roots of teeth naturally do so. Dental implants may require more invasive treatment in order to be implemented, but they are the most durable substitute for real teeth. The solid bond that the titanium base of the implant forms with the jawbone is all but permanent, making implants ideal for individuals seeking a lifelong solution to edentulism (the loss of teeth).


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Dental Implants in Buffalo, NYA dental implant comprises a ceramic crown, a connective piece called an abutment, and a titanium screw. The ceramic crown resembles the upper portion of a real tooth and can be designed to blend in seamlessly with an individual’s neighboring teeth. The screw stands in for the root of the tooth, and because titanium is biocompatible, this base easily forms a stable and strong bond with the jawbone in the months after implantation.

In order to install an implant, a dentist must first examine the relevant area of the mouth to ascertain whether an implant would likely be viable. Through an X-ray or CT scan, the dentist can check for the condition of the gums, the thickness of the jawbone, and the location of the sinuses; each of these elements plays a role in whether a dental implant can last in its intended position. Recent advances in technology can now transform the results of these exams into a three-dimensional model for near-immediate viewing on a monitor, allowing a dentist and a patient alike to have access to a comprehensive view of the patient’s teeth, gums, and bony tissue. The dentist can more easily visualize the space in which the implant will be placed, inspecting the area for any limiting factors.

During the actual operation, your dentist will anesthetize the area and then screw the dental implant through the gum into the jawbone. Three to six months after the operation, your dentist will use an impression of your teeth in order to determine the optimal shape of the crown. Once designed, the ceramic crown will be placed atop the implant’s abutment and held in place using cement. As the titanium screw will have bonded with the jawbone by this point, the implant will look and feel like a natural tooth.

As an alternative to the ceramic crown, when multiple teeth are missing, implant-based dentures are a more functional and realistic option. This type of denture is fastened onto the dental implants that are screwed into the jawbone. The titanium base provides a far more stable base for the dentures than simple adhesives, and the use of implants in dentures preserves the integrity of the jawbone while facilitating chewing and speaking.

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