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Though a daily regimen of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash is important to preserving your dental health, further treatment may be fundamental to returning your mouth to full health.

The field of dentistry essentially comprises the prevention of threats to the teeth, the treatment of these threats when they arise, and all other measures taken to achieve an aesthetically appealing smile. It is when dental health is endangered that restorative treatments are necessary in order to return the teeth to their original and ideal condition. Restorative dental treatments have as their primary concern the alleviation and elimination of diseases and problems such as dental caries (cavities), chipped or cracked teeth, and deterioration of the gums. Though they may be uncomfortable and require substantial time and patience before they succeed, restorative treatments are crucial to ensuring that your teeth and gums can return to full health once the issues that plagued them have permanently abated.

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General Dentistry in Buffalo, NYPrevalent problems for which restorative treatments are necessitated include gingivitis, periodontitis, missing teeth, cavities, and bacterial infections that have spread to the root of the teeth. Early intervention may be able to treat each of these issues before they arise, but it is never too late to seek treatment for a chronic and urgent complication in one’s dental health. Dentists often prescribe fillings to help repair teeth that have succumbed to infection and lost some of their tissue to bacterial decay. A dental crown can also aid in restoring formerly infected and degraded teeth when the upper portion of the enamel has worn away. If infection has spread to the innermost flesh of a tooth, even before the tooth has fallen out, root canal therapy can save the tooth and wipe out the bacteria before they can penetrate the dental nerves and the jawbone. Dentists employ crowns and dental bridges to fill in the gaps left by a missing tooth in order to preserve the health of the remaining teeth. If multiple teeth in a row are absent, wearing a customized partial denture enables an individual to continue speaking and eating without issue. When all the teeth on one jaw have fallen out or been extracted, a full set of dentures is valuable.

When bacteria infiltrate the soft inner tissues of teeth, they infect both the dentin and the pulp, the latter of which contains blood vessels that travel down the root of the tooth to the nerves and bony tissue below. Bacterial infection can wear away at the tooth, causing a painful and unsightly abscess, and if left untreated, the bacteria can even spread to other areas of the body. A root canal treatment is the most effective means of healing the lower layers of a tooth after it has become infected. Fillings may also be necessary when a tooth is cracked or chipped due to trauma or general use. Dental crowns are recommended when an individual tooth has diminished in size so significantly that no filling can completely restore the tooth to its original shape. Dental bridges are a useful way to make up for teeth that have unfortunately been lost. Partial dentures can stand in for a small number of missing teeth, as an alternative to the otherwise popular dental bridges and implants. Full dentures, on the other hand, replace an entire row of teeth, serving as a substitute for all the teeth of either jaw.

Though a daily regimen of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash is important to preserving your dental health, further treatment may be fundamental to returning your mouth to full health. If you have begun to experience any of the signs of tooth or gum disease, taking early action can prevent the need for restorative dentistry treatment.

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