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Preventative dentistry refers to the simple actions that you can take each and every day to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and free from harm.

Dentists recommend that everyone brush with toothpaste and floss twice each day in order to attack and remove acidic plaque before it can solidify on the surface of the teeth. Rinsing with a fluoridated mouthwash can also be helpful in destroying harmful bacteria and preventing the development of a condition known as dental caries (cavities). Receiving professional tooth cleanings from a dentist is the final piece of the puzzle that can help you to preserve your oral health.

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Preventative Dentistry in Buffalo, NYWhen you visit your dentist, whom the American Dental Association advises you to see at least every six months, if not more frequently, your dentist will be able to thoroughly inspect your mouth, closely analyzing each tooth and area of the gingiva (gums) for evidence of oral disease. A dental cleaning allows your dentist to remove the calculus, also known as tartar, that builds up on the teeth when plaque is not swiftly removed. Your dentist can also polish away any stains that have accumulated on your teeth, and he or she can prescribe further tactics that you can implement to manage the bacterial biofilm that inevitably envelops each tooth with everyday use.

Individuals who, due to genetic factors, are at a higher risk of developing cavities can benefit from more intensive examinations. Your dentist may implement X-ray scans in order to detect cavities and similar conditions that exist only beneath the gum line, invisible to the naked eye. If you or your children are especially worried about developing cavities, you may ask your dentist if application of a dental sealant can be helpful. After all, the hard-to-reach molars and premolars are particularly susceptible to developing dental caries, and the stronger that the enamel is, the more resistant a tooth is to infiltration from bacteria. Children, adolescents, and adults who grind their teeth, clench their jaws, or play contact sports may find mouth guards advantageous to protecting their teeth from wear and tear or more severe injuries. Because there is such a wealth of preventative options available, ask your dentist which measure or measures may be right for you at your next appointment.

Despite the exhaustive care that your dentist will take to clean your teeth and thwart tooth decay and bacterial infection, there is only so much that he or she can do if you are not taking proper care of your teeth each day. The twenty-four hours on either end of a dentist appointment should not be the only times of the year during which you pay attention to the condition of your oral hygiene; daily maintenance not only spares your dentist the need to take extra caution in cleaning your teeth, but it also ensures that you will not require surgical procedures in the years to come. Be sure to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash every day and educate yourself about any changes to your diet that can prove advantageous the integrity of your dental health.

FAQ About Preventative Dentistry

What Is Included in Preventative Dental Care?

When you are discussing preventative dental care, you are looking at X-Rays, sealants, cleanings, fluoride treatment, routine oral exams along with educational lessons on proper flossing and brushing and learning all the proper methods to prevent tooth decay.

What Is the Primary Goal of Preventative Dentistry?

The goal of preventative dentistry is to make sure each individual gets to keep their teeth for their entire life. The other goal is to try and make sure the only dental care you need done is a routine cleaning. If needed preventative dentistry is also making sure dental procedures are done to decrease and the number of cavities, tooth loss and gum disease before they happen.


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