Is Dental Amalgam Safe?

Is Dental Amalgam Safe Experienced Buffalo Dentist Explains

Mercury amalgam fillings were among the most popular options for fillings for several decades. Though the metallic substance in these fillings contained metals such as copper, silver, and tin, about half of the dental amalgam material was mercury, an element that is toxic to living organisms. Because fillings slowly deteriorate over time, many individuals who once had amalgam fillings are replacing them with fillings made of different materials. If you have mercury amalgam fillings and you have concerns about exposure to mercury, be sure to watch experienced Buffalo dentist Zachary Teach’s video below about the safety of dental amalgam fillings.

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Are Dental Amalgam Fillings Safe?

Some of our patients have read things in the newspaper about exposure to mercury and the negative health effects on the body. Still, to today’s date, no scientific literature has proven that amalgam fillings and mercury fillings are unsafe. It is still a good restorative material to use, and we use from time to time. Personally, I do not use it often, but there are some circumstances  when it would be required to use that type of filling material.

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