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Temporary Filling

Temporary Filling | Teach Dental Group Buffalo, NY | Tooth Decay

Have you ever suffered from a painful cavity that caused great discomfort when you performed daily tasks like eating or drinking temperate dishes? If so, you have probably received a temporary filling. If not, you are one of the lucky individuals who hasn’t yet received a cavity or oral damage yet. A temporary filling is […]

Everything You Need to Know About Fillings

Everything You Need to Know About Fillings

Everything You Need to Know About Fillings If you have to get fillings, you may be feeling nervous, especially if you feel like you don’t know enough about the treatment. Before you head to the dentist, here is everything you need to know about fillings. Feel free to call our office if you have any […]

Filling Costs

Filling Costs Buffalo Dentist Office Experienced Dental Group

Filling Costs If you need a filling, you may be worried about how this will affect you financially. Here is what you should know about filling costs. How Much Do Fillings Cost A lot of times patients come in with concerns about how much things are going to be, or how much is this going […]

4 Filling Questions

4 Filling Questions Experienced Buffalo Dentist Office

4 Filling Questions If you have a cavity, you may have a few filling questions that you would like answered. Here is what you should know. Filling Questions #1 | What Are Fillings Made of? Many people ask about the type of fillings we use. There are composite fillings. A composite is a tooth-colored filling […]

Is Dental Amalgam Safe?

Is Dental Amalgam Safe Experienced Buffalo Dentist Explains

Mercury amalgam fillings were among the most popular options for fillings for several decades. Though the metallic substance in these fillings contained metals such as copper, silver, and tin, about half of the dental amalgam material was mercury, an element that is toxic to living organisms. Because fillings slowly deteriorate over time, many individuals who […]