Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Are Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safe?

Worried about the safety of mercury amalgam fillings? Watch this video by Zachary Teach DDS to put your mind at ease, and schedule an appointment with our family dentist in Buffalo.

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A lot of times I have patients come in the office and say, “Doctor, I don’t want a silver filling. I don’t want that mercury in my mouth.” I say, well why do you say that to me? Sometimes they read things in the newspaper about the exposure to mercury and the negative health effects on their body. Still, to today’s date, no proven scientific literature that amalgam fillings or mercury fillings are unsafe. It’s still a very good restorative material to use, and in some times we use it. Personally, I do not use it very much but there are some times when it would be required to use that time of filling material.

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