Receding Gums

What Causes Receding Gums? Explained by an experienced Buffalo Dentist

Are you or a loved one experiencing receding gums? We can help! Watch this video by Dr. Mark Teach, an experienced Buffalo periodontist to learn more about gum recession. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a dental appointment, please contact us today.

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The causes of receding gums are diverse. One common contributor is vigorous brushing; even with a soft brush, when a patient scrubs along the gum line back and forth with a lot of force on the brush, this can force the gums into recession. Another major reason for receding gums is gum disease. Occasionally, gums can even recede because of occlusal trauma: if a tooth is malpositioned and it is bitten with too much force, the tooth may shift in position and the gums may retreat.

Suffering from receding gums? Contact our Buffalo periodontist today to schedule a consultation. We have been in private practice serving Buffalo and the Southtowns community in Buffalo for nearly 40 years, and welcome the opportunity to put a smile on your face.

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