What Candy Does to Your Teeth

What Candy Does to Your Teeth

What Candy Does to Your Teeth

With Halloween coming up, you may be worried about your child’s dental health. Halloween is an opportunity for kids to collect as much candy as they possibly can. You may be wondering what candy does to your teeth. Fortunately, with proper care, the damage can be minimized.

What Candy Does to Your Teeth | Ruins the Enamel of Teeth

Sticky candies that leave sugar residue on your teeth after eating them can do some real damage to your teeth. Having any food left on or in between your teeth will cause damage, but especially the caramel candies or taffy like candies will leave you at a higher risk of cavities. When sugar sits on your teeth, especially if it is not brushed off before bedtime, you have those sugars breaking down the enamel, the protective layer on your teeth that keeps you from suffering from painful issues such as cavities and needing root canals.

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What Candy Does to Your Teeth | Higher Risk of Cavities

Speaking of damage to your enamel, candies that are sour as have damaging effects to your dental health. These particular treats have high acid content that will also contribute to break down in your enamel. These candies also have the risk of getting caught between teeth, therefore increasing your child’s risk of getting a cavity. Sticky candies also are on the “no” list for kids with braces, so make sure you monitor those who have braces a little extra.

What Candy Does to Your Teeth | Avoid the Consequences

There are a few things you can do to combat the damage candy might do to your teeth. First, brushing and flossing are the top on the to-do list. Cleaning the teeth of any sugar residue will be a priority to decrease the chance of cavities. If brushing right away isn’t possible, tell your child to drink plenty of water to rinse their mouth out after they’ve snacked on some candy. It will clean up some of the sugar that could give them dental issues

If you have any further questions about what candy does to your teeth or you would like to take you child in for a cleaning after Halloween, please don’t hesitate to call our Buffalo dental office for a free consultation.

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