Understanding Dental Technology

Understanding Dental Technology

Understanding Dental Technology

Understanding Dental Technology 1Dentistry has been changing greatly over the past decade, and more technology has become integrated into everyday dental treatments. Understanding dental technology and the ways we use it can help alleviate any stress and concerns you may have when it comes to visiting the dentist.

Understanding Dental Technology | Digital Radiography

First and foremost, we offer digital radiography, or digital x-rays, which uses an intraoral sensor and generates far less radiation. Unlike film, digital radiography immediately provides images once scans are completed, and this both reduces wait time and increases our ability to provide our patients with timely treatment.

Understanding Dental Technology | Soft Tissue Laser

Another dental technology device that we utilize is the soft tissue laser. Despite the common misconception that lasers are high-tech and intimidating, our soft tissue laser is important in the healing process after dental work. To illustrate, many of our patients present with small canker sores, and we can use the soft tissue laser to help them heal faster. The laser allows us to do a lot more in terms of healing and provide non-invasive ways to treat patients.

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Understanding Dental Technology | Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner is a device that is used to take pictures of the teeth inside the mouth, sometimes eliminating the need to take a dental impression. The unit is moved around the teeth and gums, and scans of the mouth are sent to a computer. The computer then puts together the patient’s mouth on the computer screen. In addition to saving time, the intraoral scanner allows us to forego the time-consuming process of making a putty impression of the patient’s teeth and using that impression to form a plaster mold.

Understanding Dental Technology | CAD/CAM

We also routinely incorporate the CAD/CAM, which stands for “computer-assisted design and computer-assisted milling.” When we use this machine, dental crowns can be made and fabricated right here in the office to eliminate the need for multiple appointments and enable us to deliver more personalized crowns. In a way, the CAD/CAM lets us take the middleman out of certain procedures and treatment options.

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