Teach Your Kids Good Dental Habits

Teach Your Kids Good Dental Habits

Teach Your Kids Good Dental Habits

If you are worried that you children need to do better taking care of their teeth, you may be wondering what you should be doing to teach your kids good dental habits. Dental hygiene is very important for your overall health. Getting kids started early can create lifelong good habits. Here are a few tips you can try with your kids to help them learn how to care for their smile.

Teach Your Kids Good Dental Habits | Monkey See Monkey Do

Your child is most likely going to be around their parents during the times they need to be brushing, flossing, and rinsing. If they get to see you caring for your teeth every day, it becomes a habit there in itself. It could be just as simple as having them copy you.

Teach Your Kids Good Dental Habits | Toothbrushes

A great way to get kids excited about caring for their teeth can be all about their toothbrush. There are a few things you can do. One being let them decide which toothbrush they want to use. Letting them have this simple choice of toothbrush can let them feel control over the situation, something many young kids do not often experience. There are many kid-targeted toothbrushes to pick from. Some of them sing, some of them have cartoon characters on them. Having something your child is excited about using is a great way to get them interested.

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Teach Your Kids Good Dental Habits | Rewards

Now, rewarding kids with sugary treats would be counterproductive. However, there are plenty of things you can reward your children with that you deem appropriate. It could be something as simple as five extra minutes of TV time if they brush and floss every night this week before bed. If you feel comfortable offering rewards for positive behavior, and it works with your child, then this might be a great way to reinforce good dental habits.

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