How Stress Ruins Dental Health

How Stress Ruins Dental Health Buffalo Dentist Office Free Consultation

How Stress Ruins Dental Health

Stress is, unfortunately, a part of many of our lives. If you experience a lot of stress in your life, you may know about the ways it can affect your overall health. Stress can take a toll on our bodies in so many ways. But did you know that stress ruins dental health as well?

Stress makes us clench our muscles all through our bodies, gives us issues with digestion, and can be the root cause to why you are experiencing dental pain. Here are three nervous habits that may be contributing to your dental health.

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How Stress Ruins Dental Health | Smoking

When some people are feeling overwhelmed, they light up a cigarette. Along with the many negative consequences that smokers risk, damage to your oral health is among those consequences.

Smoking can cause:

> oral cancer

> slower healing in the mouth

> increased levels of bad bacteria in the mouth: which causes bad breath and infection

> yellowed teeth

Quitting is a challenge, but the rewards far outweigh the difficulty.

How Stress Ruins Dental Health | Clenching or Grinding Your Jaw

This particularly affects those who have a significant amount of stress and anxiety. This bad habit can be completely unconscious. A lot of people clench and grind their teeth while they’re sleeping.

The consequences of clenching and grinding include:

> damage to your TMJ (temporomandibular Joint) resulting in TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction)

> receding gum line due to the pressure

> a cracked tooth (that may need a root canal)

> headaches

> jaw soreness

Visit our office to find out how to solve your clenching/ grinding issue.

How Stress Ruins Dental Health | Nail Biting

This is a nervous tick that can develop into a bad habit especially in younger children. Not only does this habit increase your risk of getting an infection on your fingers, but it can ruin your teeth.

Nail biting negatively impacts your dental health by:

> causing your teeth to shift out of alignment

> constantly putting bacteria into your mouth

> cause TMD

Biter tasting nail polish can be an effective way to break the habit.

If you have any questions about these nervous habits, please call our Buffalo dentist office today to get a free consultation.

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