Stabilizing Dentures With Implants

Are you or someone you love considering implants to help with stabilization of their dentures? Watch this video by experienced Buffalo implant dentist Dr. Zachary Teach to learn more about stabilizing dentures with implants. 


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Patients who are interested in getting implants to make their dentures fit better always want to know how many they will need. A lot of times, for the upper jaw, you’re going to need a minimum of four to six implants to help those dentures be stabilized. What a lot of people don’t know once a denture is stabilized by implants, a lot of times we can remove that palatal aspect of the denture and make it a much more comfortable prosthetic for the patient.

Talking about the lower jaw, it all depends on many contributing factors from each individual patient, but minimum, two implants to retain a lower denture. At best, probably about four implants for the lower jaw to stabilize a denture, depending on the needs of the patient and the requirements based on muscular jaw function, and a lot of other things that will be discussed prior to moving forward with any treatment, at the beginning, during the consultation phase.

If you have questions about stabilizing dentures with implants, contact Teach Dental Group today for a free consultation. We’ve been creating beautiful smiles for Western New York residents for over 40 years. Let our experience work for you.

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