Safety of Dental Implants

Safety of Dental Implants

Safety of Dental Implants

Are you concerned about the safety of dental implants? One of the main concerns people want to find out is if getting a dental implant is a safe procedure. I can reiterate, with 100% confidence, that it is a very safe procedure, much like many normal dental procedures that people come into the office and see me for. Whether it’s fillings, crowns, bridges, even surgical extractions, implants kind of fall in the same category of these normal procedures that take place. They’re not done in a hospital setting; they’re done right here in the office and that is one of the other reasons to just try to reiterate to the patient that this is a safe procedure and all the risk, benefits and questions that patients have about the safety of implants will be thoroughly discussed prior to beginning any treatment.

Safety of Dental Implants | Are Implants FDA Approved?

All implants that are going to be used at this practice are FDA approved, and have gone through rigorous amounts of scientific control study to be used in the human body. A lot of times, the only issue that can really happen with certain implants are failures, but these are things that can be discussed during the times of treatment planning, to know if you’re a good candidate to receive a dental implant.

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Safety of Dental Implants | Dental Implant Success Rate

Sometimes when people are inquiring about replacing missing teeth they’ll ask me about dental implants. One of the main things they want to know is what the success rate is, because a lot of times it is a financial investment and people want to make sure that their money is well invested into a situation that’s going to work out. Again, every case is individualized and every situation has its own criteria for how well something is going to do in the long-term.

If patients are in general good health overall and come in for normal dental routine cleanings, the majority of the time, implants will probably hold about a 95% success rate when placed. This is if they make sure there aren’t any underlying issues currently with their mouth, whether it’s periodontal disease, broken down teeth, or issues with grinding at their dentist visits. I like to be able to tell patients, with confidence, if they take care of their body, they take care of their mouth and they get an implant, it’s 95% successful.

If you want to know more about the safety of dental implants, please call our office today to find out more. We offer free consultations with our experienced family dentists.

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