Root Canal Considerations

Root Canal Considerations Buffalo Dentist Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Considerations

If you need a root canal, you may be worried about the procedure. Here are some root canal considerations.

Root Canal Considerations | Cost

The cost of root canals varies on the tooth that the root canal is necessary. Front teeth, or anterior teeth as we refer to them, usually have a single canal and they’re much easier to access, so the cost is less. As you proceed further back in the mouth, there are usually more roots, then therefore more canals, and much harder access. Root canals usually range from in the $700 range up to 11, $1,200.

Root Canal Considerations | Pain During Procedure

Sometimes when a patient comes in and needs a root canal we call the tooth a hot tooth. Even with local anesthesia, it’s very difficult sometimes to totally numb the patient so that they don’t feel anything. In certain instances, we actually have to go into the tooth and then once we’ve accessed the pulp, then we can numb the pulp directly and then that eliminates any further symptoms. Unfortunately, sometimes when a tooth is bad enough, it requires a little more discomfort to get the patient to be asymptomatic or pain-free.

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Root Canal Considerations | Pain After Procedure

A root canal, like any other surgical procedure that’s done in the body, sometimes causes some post-op symptoms. We usually recommend that when people leave the office after having a root canal done that they go home and if they’re able to, take some ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory prior to the anesthesia wearing off, so that the medication is already in the bloodstream and working. When the anesthesia then wears off, they usually don’t have any further pain or discomfort.

Root Canal Considerations | Time Length of Procedure

A patient was in and asked about her root canal. Depending on which tooth it is – the anterior teeth or the front teeth of the mouth usually have a single canal, and as you move further in the back of the mouth, there are more roots to the tooth and more canals. Depending on which tooth it is, is depending on how long a root canal will take. Sometimes it’s a single visit procedure, but oftentimes it’s more than one – maybe one, two, not too often three visits –  to complete a root canal.

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