Removing Dentures After Stabilization

Are you considering dental implants to help stabilize your dentures? Watch this video by experienced Buffalo implant dentist Dr. Zachary Teach to learn more about removing dentures after stabilization. 


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I get very excited, a lot of the times, when patients come to me with dentures and they’re inquiring about implants to help their dentures fit, feel and just overall function better. For those patients, like I said, I get very excited because many times we will discuss all the different avenues of treatment and what they can do to fixate those prostheses. I always will spend about five to ten minutes with them to review how to take their dentures in and out, if that’s the type of prostheses that’s going to be taken care of, depending on what we decide to do.

Sometimes we might decide to fixate the denture with screws that will not be able to be removed by the patient, and they’ll have to come in for two to three month cleanings to have those dentures unscrewed, removed, cleaned thoroughly and then replaced by the dentist with new screw attachments. A lot of times patients are always very happy with how retained a denture can be, even if it’s a situation where it’s an in-and-out attachment with a nylon O-ring or an overdenture. A lot of times, I will spend about ten minutes with those patients because they have difficulty getting them out, which in my opinion is not a bad thing.

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