Mini Dental Implant

Mini Dental Implant

Mini Dental Implant

Are you looking into getting a mini dental implant? Here is what you need to know before you call to schedule your appointment with our Buffalo dentist.

Mini Dental Implant | Conventional vs Mini Dental Implants

A conventional dental implant usually has a diameter greater than three millimeters and mini dental implants has a diameter less than three millimeters. A lot of times, to replace natural teeth, we like to use a conventional dental implant because the size of the implant. The part of the implant that’s going to go into the jaw and replace that root form is more realistic to the size of the actual natural root that is lost. It is more of a robust prosthetic attachment that we can then fixate a tooth to get you back to normal function.

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Certain circumstances in dentistry may require a mini dental implant, for instance a missing lower incisor. A very small amount of space might be needed there to only be able to fixate a mini dental implant in that area, but for the majority of the time, mini dental implants – and for my practice purposes – will be used to either fixate a denture or place in the jaw for a source of anchorage to help an orthodontist with any type of tooth movement or future orthodontic treatment for a younger patient.

Mini Dental Implant | What Are Mini Dental Implants?

One of the hot topics in dentistry nowadays is mini dental implants. To clarify, what a mini dental implant is has to do with diameter of the actual implant being placed. For a conventional implant, anything above the standard size of a three-millimeter diameter will be a conventional dental implant; anything below a diameter of three millimeters will be deemed mini dental implants.

If you are interested in learning more about a mini dental implant, please call our Buffalo dentist office today to get a free consultation. We have decades of experience. We would be glad to hear from you.

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