Improving Dentures with Implants

Improving Dentures with Implants

Improving Dentures with Implants

Are you wondering how we go about improving dentures with implants? Here is what you need to know before you call our office to book your free consultation with our excellent dentists.

Improving Dentures with Implants | Do Implants Make Dentures Comfortable?

A lot of times, dental implants can be used not just to replace missing teeth but many times, patients will come to me with dentures, whether they’re loose or ill-fitting, and they’ll ask me, “Can I receive dental implants to make my dentures fit better?” The standard of care for any sort of lower denture would be to receive two dental implants to help retain that denture. There are multiple different prosthetic devices that can be discussed to get you familiarized with what type of dentures or fitments can be made to your denture with dental implants. Without a doubt, implants can be used to make your dentures fit better, feel better and get a lot better sense of stability when going out into public, wanting to eat, wanting to socialize with people and just function normally through life.

Improving Dentures with Implants | How Do I Get My Dentures to Fit Better?

Sometimes we might decide to fixate the denture with screws that will not be able to be removed by the patient, and they’ll have to come in for two to three-month cleanings to have those dentures unscrewed, removed, cleaned thoroughly and then replaced by the dentist with new screw attachments. A lot of times patients are always very happy with how retained a denture can be, even if it’s a situation where it’s an in-and-out attachment with a nylon O-ring or an overdenture.

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Improving Dentures with Implants | Does It Matter How Old I Am?

If I had to guess one of the barriers to trying to convince a patient that a dental implant will be the best way to restore a tooth or replace a missing tooth it would be age. Many older patients will tell me, “I’m not going to be around for that much longer,” or “Why am I going to invest this kind of money into saving my mouth?” After sitting down and talking with them about all the benefits about keeping their teeth or replacing missing teeth, I try to reiterate to them that there’s really no age limit to receiving a dental implant. If a patient is in general good health and is taking care of their mouth, I recommend treatment to any age.

If you would like to know more about improving dentures with implants, please call our Buffalo dentist office today to schedule a free consultation.

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