How to Protect Your Teeth During Pregnancy

How to Protect Your Teeth During Pregnancy | Teach Dental Group

Finding out you are pregnant is such an exciting time, but it can be just as nerve wracking as it is exciting. When you are pregnant you have to be on high alert about many things and protecting your teeth is one of them, more importantly, your gums. Many women are concerned that going to the dentist while being pregnant is not safe and this is not true at all. When you are pregnant your hormone levels increase which can make your gums bleed and swell more than they normally would. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you still come in and see a dental hygienist when you are pregnant and protect your teeth during pregnancy.

Dental Care to Protect Your Teeth

While seeing a dental hygienist is recommended, we also suggest getting your routine dental work done as well. This includes your routine teeth cleaning to protect your teeth during pregnancy.

Getting your teeth cleaned is crucial when trying to avoid gum disease and any other type of oral infection. Both issues have been linked to some women having preterm birth. To reduce any chance of infection dental surgery such as cavities may be recommended.

Here are some major tips to keep your oral health pristine while pregnant, keep your gums and teeth clean as recommended above by flossing once a day and brushing for a minimum of two minutes twice a day. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a gentle technique while brushing. Using products that contain fluoride will benefit you the most. If you are someone who suffers from sensitivity, you should use a toothpaste for sensitivity.

Balanced Diet to Protect Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Cutting down on candy and sweets while also eating a balanced diet is key, to having proper oral health and protecting your teeth, during pregnancy.

Eating healthier snacks such as nuts, veggie sticks or fruits will be more beneficial. If you need any non-emergency dental work, it is suggested to wait until the second trimester or even after birth if you are able to wait that long. Dental work that should not be postponed until after the baby comes, includes gingivitis or periodontal disease, or decaying teeth. Doing this could cause infection that can harm you and your baby.

If you are an expectant mother who suffers from morning sickness there could be a higher amount of acidity in your mouth. This can cause issues with your teeth. The acidity from your stomach can eat away at the surface of your teeth. As much as you may want to, we recommend not brushing your teeth after vomiting. What we recommend is using water to rinse out your mouth and apply some toothpaste containing fluoride to your teeth with your fingers which will strengthen and protect them.

There is a term called pregnancy epulis which is localized red swelling on the gums. This swelling is typically benign and tends to go away after the baby is born. If you develop this, it should be assessed, and it may need to be removed.


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