Harmful Oral Habits

Harmful Oral Habits Experienced Buffalo Dentists

Harmful Oral Habits

If you have ever worried about your dental health, you may have wondered if there are any harmful oral habits that you have been doing. Here is what you should know about the things you may be doing that can potentially ruin your dental health.

Harmful Oral Habits | Foods That Weaken Teeth

We are frequently asked about which foods are harmful to the teeth. Usually, any foods that contain high amounts of simple sugars—candy and desserts, for example—will cause the teeth to be weakened because these snacks increase the amount of acid in the mouth. The bacteria consume these products and break them down into acid, which then eats away at the tooth, causing decay and gum disease. Besides sweets, certain beverages can also be damaging. A lot of sodas and sport drinks are highly acidic. Other issues that could cause erosion of the teeth include sucking on citrus fruits and regurgitating acid due to gastrointestinal issues. It is best to avoid foods with high amounts of sugar as well as acidic sport drinks and sodas.

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Harmful Oral Habits | Smokeless Tobacco

Yes, smokeless tobacco can be harmful because chewers usually put the tobacco in between the cheek and the gum. In many instances, when doing oral exams, we see the changes in the tissue to the exposure to the smokeless tobacco, which can ultimately lead to oral cancer, ulcerations, and oral infections.

Harmful Oral Habits | Oral Piercing Dangers

While the piercing itself is not technically a “habit” exactly, having oral piercings can create problems when someone habitually chews, spins, or touches their oral piercing. Some of our patients with oral piercings and have accidentally bitten the piercing and fractured their teeth because of habitually playing around with the piercing. Also, the mouth is full of bacteria, and when the structures inside the mouth are pierced, bacteria can be introduced into the rest of the body. If you pierce your tongue, you could strike a nerve and cause issues such as loss of sensation. There is also the possibility of swallowing or dislodging the piercing.

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