Guided Implant Surgery

Are you or someone you love considering dental implants? Watch this video by experienced Buffalo implant dentist Dr. Zachary Teach to learn about guided implant surgery and the great technological advances that make getting dental implants more precise, and less intrusive. 


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The great part about dentistry today is technology. Technology is allowing so many things in dentistry to move leaps and bounds over what it used to be even 10 years ago. One of the best things about dental implants is that technology is allowing things to be done at a faster, more efficient and safer circumstance for the patient. A lot of times, patients will come to me and ask, “What is a digitally guided implant surgery?”

A lot of times we need to gather some information first including x-rays of the space that we want to replace with the dental implant of the surrounding bone. Most of the time, I will have that patient get a 3-D scan, a CBCT or a cone beam computed tomography scan, so we can ascertain all the dimensions of the bone where we want that implant placed.

What we’ll do then, in conjunction with the lab, is digitally plan a tooth or a restoration to replace that missing space and idealize the placement of that implant into the jawbone based on where that tooth is going to be for that patient’s future prosthetic needs. The best part about doing something digitally guided is it’s going to be much safer for the patient so we can avoid anatomical structures or situations in the patient’s body that we want to avoid, place things with much more accuracy and confidence, and do it faster for the patient, which makes the entire dental implant experience that much more enjoyable for the patient.

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