Fixed Dental Bridges

What are fixed dental bridges, and are they right for me?

In the following video, experienced Buffalo family dentist Mark Teach discusses fixed dental bridges and who is a good candidate for them. You may be surprised by his answer if you thought you were not a good fit for bridges in the past. If you have questions after watching the video, or would like to schedule your free consultation, please contact us today and let us put a smile on your face!

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How Do Fixed Dental Bridges Work?

A fixed dental bridge is a bridge that is placed by reducing the adjacent teeth, taking an impression, making a metal framework, and then firing porcelain to the surface to make the porcelain tooth-colored. Fixed dental bridges are then cemented in the mouth and cannot be removed by the patient.

A fixed dental bridge can replace several missing teeth or gaps in your smile. Since it is fixed, it is a long-lasting way to replace your teeth and is secure, stable and comfortable since there are no loose parts. This allows you to have improved function, self-esteem, and speech.

With a fixed bridge, you can eat that steak you have been missing out on, or the corn-on-the-cob you love so much without worrying about your teeth falling out.

Are you or someone you love is missing teeth and looking for a long-term solution? Contact our Buffalo dentists for a free consultation to learn more about fixed dental bridges.

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