Filling Costs

Filling Costs Buffalo Dentist Office Experienced Dental Group

Filling Costs

If you need a filling, you may be worried about how this will affect you financially. Here is what you should know about filling costs.

How Much Do Fillings Cost

A lot of times patients come in with concerns about how much things are going to be, or how much is this going to cost me? A lot of times in dentistry, things or costs – or things basically are by the surface of what’s being done or the size of the filling. Some things cost more than others, whether it be crowns or just direct fillings, such as white-colored fillings, composites, resins, amalgams. We have bridges, implants, a lot of different types of things, and the costs are very different.

I would like to review those costs with the patients ahead of time before we get involved in any sort of treatment, just so the patient is aware of what they need to expect in terms of what they need done and how much it’s going to financially cost them. If sometimes these are out of the patient’s range, there are definitely payment plans that can be discussed with our front office manager to make things a little bit more affordable for people.

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Insurance Coverage for Filling Costs

Generally, when a patient has a filling done, it is covered by dental insurance because there is a problem with the tooth, there’s decay that’s into the tooth. To restore the tooth to good health, the placement of the filling is a covered dental procedure.

Payment Plans Availability for Filling Costs

Patients come in and when they have a treatment plan that’s very involved they ask about do we have payment plans. Again, depending on the amount of treatment and the cost we can work out something up front that you can pay over a certain period of time.

If you have any further questions about filling costs, please call our Buffalo dentist office today! We are dedicated to providing you the best value and experienced for you and your family.

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