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As people age, they tend to lose teeth gradually. This can occur through natural causes like decay of the tooth or through issues like trauma. Whichever way you lose a tooth, when you start to lose teeth, your surrounding muscular structure and bone structure will tend to deteriorate. This is because your teeth provide vital support for your facial muscles. When they are gone, these muscles will no longer have support and begin to sag, therefore making your face look older and droopier than it truly is. If only a few teeth have fallen out or decayed, the teeth surrounding those damaged will begin to shift into the area of the lost tooth, which ultimately causes a difference in your bite and teeth structure. Once you start realizing you are losing teeth, it’s important to speak to your dentist about options for false teeth, more commonly known as dentures. There are two main types of false teeth, full dentures and partial dentures, and both are useful in their own ways.

Full Dentures

If you have many or most of your teeth fallen out or decayed, you may benefit from a set of full dentures. Full dentures are dental prosthetics that are typically made of porcelain and acrylic that look like a full mouth of permanent teeth. They are best for people who are having difficulties with all of their teeth and want a solution for their problems. Your dentist will typically recommend full dentures to elders who are having an increasingly difficult time taking care of their oral health and are losing their teeth consistently. When you have decided to receive full dentures, your dentist will examine your mouth to determine if there are any teeth that need to be removed before you receive your prosthesis. If they need to be removed, an appointment will be set to do so. Following this process, a mold of your mouth will be taken, sent to a dental laboratory, and a set of teeth will be crafted to your and your dentist’s specifications. Full dentures are great for individuals who need that extra assistance in their daily lives.

Partial Dentures

Compared to full dentures, partial dentures only cover a portion of the mouth where lost teeth are apparent, therefore the name partial dentures. These are typically offered for individuals who have strong surrounding teeth, but few teeth have begun to decay or fall out. In many instances, this can also be recommended for individuals who have gone through oral trauma and only lost a few teeth because of it. With partial dentures, impressions will be taken of the area of your mouth that needs the dentures, including the few surrounding permanent teeth, in order to find the proper fit for the prosthesis. After being crafted by a dental laboratory with the identical color match of your current teeth in mind, your dentist will place them and make any necessary adjustments. They are removable, just like full dentures are, to ensure ease and convenience.

Get New False Teeth Today

Wearing dentures can significantly improve the way you go about your life. Not only will they help the aesthetic benefit of your facial and oral situation, but they will improve the way you feel about yourself as well. Additionally, both full and partial dentures can allow you to live life and eat the foods you normally wouldn’t be able to without dentures. If you have begun to lose teeth, receiving dentures could significantly help and benefit your life.

Be sure to talk to your dentist to determine whether or not you qualify for either full or partial dentures. False teeth can help you get through life easier and increase your self-confidence. Reach out to Teach Dental Group today to discuss receiving false teeth. We would love to help you improve the form and function of your smile.

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