Failed Dental Implants

Are you considering dental implants and have questions about the success rates and whether there is treatment available for failed dental implants? Watch this video by experienced Buffalo implant dentist Zachary Teach to learn more about whether you should worry about failed dental implants.


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Not everything always works perfectly in life, and sometimes even with the best intentions, things can fail. There are options if dental implants do fail. If I have a patient coming in for a dental implant and we go through the surgical phase, everything goes okay but for some reason that dental implant fails, I like to readdress the situation. I try to ascertain why the dental implant failed, whether it was part of a situation that happened during surgery or a situation that a patient might have possibly neglected, we go back and try again.

That’s my number one go-to, to just try again and see if we can get it to take a second time. If the situation occurs where it fails for a second time, then other options can be discussed to at least try to attain the same result with some sort of other treatment other than implant dentistry.

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