Facts About Fluoride

Facts About Fluoride

Facts About Fluoride

Fluoride is one of the most beneficial minerals for your teeth and is recommended by all dentists. Here are some facts about fluoride that will help you preserve good oral hygiene.

Facts About Fluoride | What is Fluoride?

Facts About FluorideFluoride is a mineral that occurs often in nature, and we have found that fluoride strengthens the enamel on the surface of the teeth. The substance replaces the calcium ions in the enamel and thus hardens the enamel crystal. Fluoride treatments are important, especially as children’s permanent teeth develop. We also use fluoride treatments in adults because, as people age, gums recede and expose the roots of the teeth. Root surfaces are not covered by enamel and they decay much more easily, and the fluoride also strengthens that part of the tooth structure. Fluoride also reduces hypersensitivity, and with receding gums exposing root surfaces, fluoride will help to diminish that sensitivity that the patient experiences.

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Facts About Fluoride | Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is available in many ways. Our office uses both fluoride varnishes and foam, the latter of which is placed in a tray that the patient briefly wears following a tooth cleaning. We also offer take-home, prescription toothpastes for when children have braces or when adults have a lot of decay. This toothpaste also aids in staving off sensitivity from receding gums, gum surgery, and procedures that expose the root surfaces of the teeth. We strongly recommend that children receive treatments, as the treatments strengthen the enamel and make the teeth more resistant to decay.

Facts About Fluoride | Fluoride Treatment for Adults

A question that sometimes is brought up to me, do adults need extra fluoride? Depending on the situation, generally, they don’t need extra fluoride, but again, if you have an elderly patient that has a lot of root surfaces exposed in their mouth, and their home care isn’t as good as it would’ve been when they were younger, then added fluorides can definitely help, usually in a toothpaste. Sometimes, we would do an actual fluoride treatment on an adult patient to help strengthen those root surfaces and make it more resistant to decay.

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