Dentist Appointment Concerns

Dentist Appointment Concerns Experienced Buffalo Dentists

Dentist Appointment Concerns

Whether is it your first or your fiftieth dentist appointment, you may have some concerns. It is completely common to have dentist appointment concerns. Here is what you should know.

Dentist Appointment Concerns: Safety of Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays are rather safe today, especially due to the advent of digital x-rays. This innovation in x-ray technology cuts the radiation level dramatically, and all our machines are collimated to prevent the scatter of x-rays. We drape our patients with lead aprons, and there is no risk of any complications.

Dentist Appointment Concerns: Latex Allergy

It is not uncommon to find latex allergies among our patients. Though many aspects of the field of dentistry are based in latex, we have several latex-free alternatives to the products that we use in our office, and we ready and willing to accommodate patients with a variety of needs.

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Dentist Appointment Concerns: Going to the Dentist While Pregnant

Pregnancy is usually not that great of an issue when going to the dentist. There is always a concern with dental x-rays, so we tend not to take x-rays when a woman is pregnant. If there is an emergency and we need to take an x-ray, we can “double drape.” We use lead aprons that will protect the fetus. In addition, most obstetricians tend to tell us not to use anesthetics in the first trimester, especially those that contain vasoconstrictors.

Dentist Appointment Concerns: Visiting a Dentist While Managing Diabetes

People who live with diabetes are more prone to gum disease. The condition is a common cause of loss of teeth in adults who have diabetes, and it is important for the dentist to know this. Also, diabetic people have some reduced healing properties, so precaution must be taken if there are any surgical procedures that must be performed in the mouth. It is always beneficial to know these facts so that we can prepare and do what we can to help our patients.

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