Dental Visits for People with Dentures

Are Dental Visits for People with Dentures Necessary?

Are dental visits for people with dentures necessary? Mark L. Teach DDS, an experienced Dentist in Buffalo explains in the following educational video.  If you have questions, or would like to schedule a dental appointment, please contact us today.

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It is important for patients wearing dentures to continue to visit our office on a regular basis, as we conduct an exam specifically for the detection of oral cancer and similar issues that can be caused by the denture. Dentures tend to wear out over time, which causes a collapse in a patient’s bite and can affect the jaws. Another problem that longtime denture wearers face is the degradation of the jawbones. The bone underneath the dentures, which helps support the dentures in the mouth, slowly tends to resorb and shrink so that the dentures do not fit as well. This results in issues with the jaw and the bite, impairing functions relating to eating and speaking. Visits to our office allow our team to analyze all changes in the shape of our patients’ mouth and refit their dentures accordingly.

Has it been awhile since you have been to the dentist? Contact our dentist in Buffalo today to schedule a consultation. We have been in private practice serving Buffalo and the Southtowns community in Buffalo for nearly 40 years, and welcome the opportunity to put a smile on your face.

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