Dental Treatment Costs

Dental Treatment Costs Buffalo Dentist Office Free Consultation

Dental Treatment Costs

If you know you need to see a dentist, you may be worried about the dental treatment costs. At Teach Dental Group, we know that your finances are important to you.

Dental Treatment Costs | Are Payment Plans Available?

Depending on the amount of treatment and the cost, we can work out plans upfront that every patient can pay over time. We prefer to review these costs with the patients ahead of time before we get involved in any sort of treatment so the patients are aware of what they need to expect financially. If treatments are higher than the patients’ budgets, payment plans can make everything more affordable. All financial questions are discussed ahead of time so that we can properly review everything with our patients before we even get started with treatment options.

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 Dental Treatment Costs | Costs of Dental Procedures and Treatments

The take-home trays that we dispense for tooth whitening run around $70. The cost of root canals varies based ogran the tooth for which the root canal is necessary, as front teeth have fewer roots and are easier to access. Root canals usually cost between $700 and $1,200. The charge of a dental crown in our office is consistent with the marketplace in the Western New York area. Most often, crowns are covered by dental insurance. Veneers are usually around the same cost as a crown because of the similar processes in designing and installing them. The cost of implants depends on the type of implant, what implant is going to placed, what function it is going to have in the mouth, and whether it is used to retain a tooth or a denture. When a bone graft is needed prior to receiving a dental implant, there is usually an added cost with that procedure. The extensiveness of the bone graft can determine how much the graft will cost and how many materials will be used. The cost of a bone graft ranges from $300 to $800 depending on the specifics of the patient’s situation and surgical needs.

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