Dental Implants and Temporary Teeth

Are you worried you will be without a tooth after surgery? Find out about dental implants and temporary teeth in this video by experienced Buffalo implant dentist, Dr. Zachary Teach. Still have questions? Schedule your free implant consultation today.


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I spoke with a patient the other day; it was our second meeting. She’s already decided to go forward with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. She was inquiring  about having a tooth in that space. A lot of times, during implant treatment planning, we can figure out some sort of temporary situation if the patient is requiring a tooth in the space that they want to replace with an implant. But for a majority of the time for posterior or back teeth we will usually leave that open to heal and we won’t necessarily replace that with a tooth.

A lot of times, patients are very interested, if they’re going to go through with dental implants, to replace a lot of their front teeth in their smile zone. It’s very aesthetic, and there are multiple options in terms of what we can do to temporarily place teeth there, whether it be some sort of temporary bridge fixated to other teeth or some sort of removal prosthetic appliance to get the result.

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