Dental Implant Surgery

Are you considering dental implants to replace a missing or corroded tooth? Watch this video by experienced Buffalo implant dentist Dr. Zachary Teach to learn more about dental implant surgery and what you can expect. 


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During the phase of dental implant surgery, the most ideal situation when an implant is placed is to get that implant stabilization by the surrounding bone. During this process, a small surgical incision will be made into the gum tissue to expose the bone, and drill a hole into the patient’s jaw. Sequentially, we will widen that hole and eventually place some screw threads or pattern into the jawbone, which we will then fixate our implant.

The best case scenario during an implant situation is to get stability of that implant in with the bone. During the healing phase, after the implant is placed, we will suture the tissue closed to allow the maturity of that implant, so your body can grow its natural bone around it and make it nice, secure and stable.

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