Dental Implant Surgery Explained

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Dental Implant Surgery Explained

If you need a dental implant, you may be worried about the pain or how expensive it will be. You probably don’t want to be out for the count after dental implant surgery. Maybe you aren’t quite sure what dental implant surgery entails. Here is some information for you to look at to help understand about dental implant surgery.

Dental Implants

A lot of times, patients aren’t sure what dental implants are. There are many different types of dental implants, but predominantly, the ones that are being placed in the dental offices nowadays replace the root of the tooth that is lost or the tooth that might be lost in the future.

Think of an implant as three parts. There’s the implant that goes into the jawbone, whether it’s the upper or the lower jaw. After that, we let that heal for a certain amount of time. Then, we place a post inside of the implant. Then, eventually, a crown or some sort of prosthetic device will be installed on top of that implant.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Most of the time, patients that require implants or are interested in getting implants want to know, is this going to hurt? Is this going to be painful? A lot of times I try to tell patients it depends on the situation. How many implants are going to be placed? Are we going to be removing teeth? There’s a lot of factors that go into how much pain is going to be occurring afterwards.

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For much of the time, a single implant to replace one tooth that’s lost – a lot of times I call patients that night and I try to see how they’re doing, and they say, “You know, I feel great!” A lot of times, the next day there’s no issues with pain, especially if there was no previous infection involved or anything that complicated the surgery.

Nowadays, implants and new technology, very minimally invasive procedure where you can go home, feel pretty comfortable, and the next day go about your daily routine, whether it’s going to work or you had some matter to attend to. There’s not that much recovery time.

Cost of Dental Implant Surgery

When interested in implants to replace teeth, or other treatment options that involve implants, patients want to know how much they’re going to cost. It depends on the type of implant, and what implant’s going to placed, and what function it’s going to have in the mouth, whether it’s going to be to retain a tooth or retain a denture. Again, all financial questions about implants will be discussed ahead of time so we can properly review what things are going to be before we even get started with treatment options.

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