Dental Implant Recovery Time

After a dental implant, many people want to know when they will get better.  Buffalo Dentist Dr. Zachary Teach explains in this video about dental implant recovery time.


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People heal at different phases, people will respond differently to different treatments, but for the majority of time, most of my patients, when they come to me for implants or the surgical phase of the implant treatment, they’ll say, “How’s this going to feel afterwards?” or “What can I expect?” I would say probably 80 to 90% of the time, patients will go home the next day and call me back and say, “What did you do? Did you do anything? Because I’m in no pain whatsoever.”

Other times, there can be some complications, which we will then address, but for the majority of the time, everything can be easily maintained with over-the-counter non-prescription drugs that you would normally take to deal with a headache or mild fever.

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