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Do you have missing, decaying, or just overall imperfect teeth? Are you in pain due to nerve exposure or a severely chipped tooth? If so, getting a dental implant placement may significantly benefit you. Dental implants  not only improve the look of your smile, but they allow you to live life more comfortably. You won’t have to suffer in pain or struggle with empty sockets anymore. As time passed, dental advances were made including the dental implant. These simple procedures can give you a lifetime of comfort. Before talking to your dentist, knowing some information about the procedure could make you feel more comfortable and allow you to understand the process. Because of this, we’ve developed a comprehensive list of information that may come in handy when deciding if you’d want a dental implant.  

 What are Dental Implants? 

When you think of a dental implant, you may be unsure of what it is. A dental implant placement is essentially a false root that is placed directly into your jawbone. You and your dentist have the option of choosing a permanent or temporary implant – the type typically depends on the severity of the issue. The most common choice is permanent, as they are easier to maintain and last a long time.

These implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and a piece, called an abutment, sticks out of the gum line where your tooth once was. This is where the faux tooth is screwed on to. False teeth are precisely tailored to match your exact tooth shape and color to ensure a seamless transition. Once your implant is placed, you’ll soon be able to return to all activities with no pain and full functionality back.  

 How a Dental Implant is Placed 

While the procedure may seem scary, you can be assured that you won’t feel an ounce of pain. General anesthesia takes care of this concern. During the dental implant placement, your dentist will first examine the area to determine if you need any form of extraction completed. This is done if you have a decaying or severely damaged tooth in the area. If necessary, they will remove the tooth. If not, an incision will be made in your gums to expose the underlying jaw bone. 

They will then drill a hole to mark the location of your artificial tooth root. This will be placed deep in the bone, as it will act just as your other roots. It allows for greater stability. Once the fake root is placed, your dentist will close the incision and wait until your natural bone heals around it. This process can take up to a few months. When finally healed, they will go back in and add the abutment, as well as the custom-made artificial tooth. Just like that, you’ll have a fully functional tooth again.  

 Get a Dental Implant  

There are great benefits in receiving a dental implant placement when necessary. First of all, you’ll be able to eat, talk, and breathe with no discomfort. Additionally, the state of your oral health will improve because decaying teeth and empty spaces harbor bacteria. This would no longer be an issue. Overall, if you have the option to receive a dental implant, you should. If you’re unsure of whether or not you qualify for such procedure, Teach Dental Group can help.

We offer free dental consultations for first time visitors. With this, you can come in and we can easily determine if you’d be a candidate for the process. Here, we won’t continue working on you without your permission. Once you accept, we can begin as soon as possible. Stop living with discomfort every day and get a dental implant today.  

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