Dental Implant Maintenance

Making sure your teeth are clean are free of debris is important, if you have questions about dental implant maintenance, watch this video by our experienced Buffalo Dental Implant Dentist.


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One of the questions that patients might ask me is if implants require special care. A lot of times when an implant’s placed and an actual tooth has been fixated to the implant, a lot of the normal care required will be the same thing for your natural tooth. Implants can be exposed to the same harms as natural teeth, whether it’s bone loss or any kind of periodontal disease and issues of infection.

As long as a patient is maintaining adequate oral hygiene, whether it’s brushing and flossing normally day-to-day and coming to their dentist or hygienist for their annual maintenance checkups and cleanings, implants will function just as well as normal teeth and require the same maintenance as normal teeth.

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