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How Much Does A Dental Filling Cost?

If you are in need of a dental filling, you may be worried about how much it will cost. If you have dental insurance, it is likely covered as it is a common and necessary treatment. However, if you do not have dental insurance, there will be a cost associated with the treatment. Here is what you should know about dental filling costs at Teach Dental Group.

A lot of times patients come into our dental office with concerns about how much certain treatments are going to be, or how much is this going to cost me out of pocket? A lot of times in dentistry, costs associated with your dental treatment are basically dependent on the surface of what’s being done or the size of the filling.

Some dental treatments cost more than others, whether it be crowns or just direct fillings. For example, white-colored fillings, also known as composites or resins are often more costly than amalgams. Many people are willing to accept the higher cost in exchange for the aesthetic look of the filling matching their teeth.

We have bridges, implants, veneers, and a lot of different types of dental treatments available at our office, and the costs are very different depending on which option you choose.

As always at Teach Dental Group, whether it’s a dental filling or a dental implant, we review those costs with the patients ahead of time before we get involved in any sort of treatment. This way, our patients are fully aware of what they need to expect in terms of what dental treatment we recommend and how much it’s going to cost them from a financial perspective. We can also help them identify dental insurance benefits and if their dental insurance will cover some or all of their treatment.

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Obviously cost is an important factor. If a dental treatment we recommend happens to be out of the patient’s range of affordability, there are definitely payment plans that can be discussed with our front office manager to make things a little bit more affordable for people.

It is never a good idea to put off necessary dental treatment because you are worried about the cost. Small issues can turn into serious dental issues rather quickly if left untreated. We work with patients to help develop a payment plan that works for them, no matter what their budget. Our top priority is to help ensure patients get the care they need in the least invasive and most affordable way.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover A Dental Filling?

Generally, when a patient has a dental filling performed, it is covered by dental insurance because the tooth has become decayed to the point that a filling is medically necessary. To restore the tooth to good health, the placement of the filling is a covered dental procedure as it is considered ordinary and necessary.

If you are unsure of your insurance coverage, we would be happy to help you take a look at your benefits and let you know how much of the treatment will be covered by your dental insurance. We treat patients with dental fillings every day and we would love to help relieve your pain, and return your tooth to optimal health.

Are Payment Plans Available?

We are often asked by patients whether we offer payment plans to help make their dental treatment more affordable. Especially when a patients recommended treatment plan is very involved, they often ask about any available payment plans or financing options. Again, depending on the amount of treatment required and the cost associated with the treatment, more often than not, we can work something out upfront that you can pay over a certain period of time.

We pride ourselves on being flexible for our patients as we understand, especially in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic that finances can be difficult. We will work to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health without putting too much financial strain on your pockets.

If you have any further questions about dental filling costs, or any other dental treatment we provide, please contact our West Seneca dentists today. With over 40 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing the best value and experience families throughout Buffalo and Western New York. Schedule your free consultation today!

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