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Have you ever seen or participated in a sport that requires a high amount of impact, or one in which oral or cranial damage is common? If so, you’ve probably witnessed them using a piece of hard, protective plastic that fits perfectly in their mouth. This piece of plastic is known as a mouthguard. Mouthguards are used to prevent damage to the mouth and teeth upon potential impact and are strongly encouraged or required for use in many sports, especially if practiced on a more advanced level. There are many different kinds of mouthguards, but it is important to use a custom mouthguard for the best oral and cranial protection when playing sports. This is because a custom mouthguard ensures your teeth fit perfectly into the protective layer ultimately increasing your odds of protection upon impact. If you’re unsure about whether or not you or a loved one should use a custom mouthguard, keep reading for a list of reasons below.

Difference Between Types of Custom Mouthguards

As previously stated, there are various types of mouthguards that are available to people who play sports. Some are better and more effective than others at preventing injury, though. The three main kinds of mouthguards are stock, mouth formed, and custom. Stock mouthguards are all uniformly shaped, while mouth formed have a uniform outer layer but a moldable inner layer. A Custom mouthguard is crafted by dentists to perfectly fit all nooks and crannies of your mouth. It is known that custom mouthguards are the most protective and sought out version of mouthguards for sports because of how effective they are at protecting players and participants oral cavities. That is because a custom mouthguard is made to withstand and absorb extreme impact due to the materials used and ability to perfectly mold to the mouth. Ultimately, if you or a loved one is searching for the best mouthguard to use, while slightly more expensive, the custom mouthguard will prevent the most injury and save you headaches in the future.

What A Custom Mouthguard Can Prevent

When playing sports, the use of a custom mouthguard will save your teeth and mouth from potential harm and leave you feeling free of distress. Mouthguards are capable of preventing many kinds of injuries that could be sustained from simple to severe impact. While plenty of different issues can occur, some are more common than others. Some of the more common injuries or issues that are preventable by the use of a custom mouthguard include but are not limited to concussions, dental loss or damage, broken teeth, and split lips or tongue. It is important to understand how wearing a custom mouthguard when playing sports can save your mouth area from sustaining any form of substantial damage. If you or a loved one tend to partake in sports that involve a higher level of contact than usual, it is important to convey and comprehend how crucial it is to wear a custom mouthguard during the game.

Visit Teach Dental Group Today

If you’re in need of a custom mouthguard, be sure to contact Teach Dental Group today. We can help you begin the process of obtaining a custom mouthguard by taking a mold of your mouth. After this is completed, they can either send the mold to a dental laboratory to. Get formed into your mouthguard or they can create them themselves in office. After you receive your custom mouthguard, you’ll be significantly more likely to avoid oral damage when wearing it during the sport you play. For the best value, a custom mouthguard, compared to other kinds of mouthguards, are the best quality for your money and can protect you upon impact. Visit Teach Dental Group today to begin the process of molding your custom mouthguard!

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