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Costs of Dental Treatment Explained | Buffalo Dentist | Free Consultations

Teach Dental Group Explains What You Should Know About the Costs of Dental Treatment

Money is perhaps one of the greatest factors that discourages people from seeking dental care. Because medical and dental insurance are not necessarily one and the same, even the most dedicated brushers and flossers among us may fear that their health insurance will not cover the costs of dental treatment they wish to receive.

At Teach Dental Group, our Buffalo dentists have treated patients throughout Western New York for over forty years, and with those decades of experience comes a solid understanding of our patients’ financial needs. Below are some of the most commonplace questions about financial and insurance-related matters that we receive from our patients regarding the costs of dental treatment. If you find yourself hesitant about pursuing dental treatments, read on for more information about how our practice can help to make your dental care affordable.

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Will I Know The Costs of Dental Treatment Beforehand?

Depending on the amount of treatment and the cost, we can work out plans upfront that every patient can pay over time. We prefer to review the costs of dental treatment with the patients ahead of time before we get involved in any sort of treatment so the patients are aware of what they need to expect financially. If treatments are higher than the patients’ budgets, payment plans can make everything more affordable. All financial questions are discussed ahead of time so that we can properly review everything with our patients before we even get started with treatment options.

Does Insurance Cover Tooth Whitening and Veneers?

Most dental insurances do not cover cosmetic procedures and treatments, such as tooth whitening and veneers. If such a procedure were necessary due to a damaged tooth or another significant condition, the procedure would be covered. But because bleaching and veneers are considered to be cosmetic procedures, they are generally not covered by dental insurance.

Does Insurance at Least Cover Fillings and Crowns?

Fillings are generally covered by dental insurance because the fillings are treatments to fix problems with teeth such as decay. To restore the tooth to good health, the placement of the filling is a covered dental procedure. Dental insurance plans will also often cover crowns because they constitute necessary dental procedures. How much of the crowns will be covered by the insurance depends on the patients’ plans and which types of insurance they have. Insurance will usually cover dentures as well, though it is important to discuss and review this treatment with our office ahead of time so that no surprises occur later.

How Does Teach Dental Group Determine The Costs of Dental Treatment?

Our office is a fee-for-service practice, which means that we have certain fees for the procedures that we do as highly qualified practitioners. We do not discount our treatments because of dental insurance, but we gladly file for dental insurance coverage, allowing our patients to only be responsible for the co-pays.

Bottom Line — What Do the Treatments Cost?

The take-home trays that we dispense for tooth whitening run around $70. The charge of a dental crown in our office is consistent with the marketplace in the local Western New York area. Most often, crowns are covered by dental insurance, if applicable. Veneers are usually around the same cost as a crown because of the similar processes in designing and installing them. The costs of dental treatment for implants depends on the type of implant, what implant is going to placed, what function it is going to have in the mouth, and whether it is going to be to retain a tooth or retain a denture.

Finances should be a non-issue where medical and dental treatments are concerned. However, the reality of the situation is that insurance companies do not cover the expenses of certain dental work in their entirety. Our office knows this, and we strive to make our treatments as economical as possible for our patients’ benefit. If you have lingering questions about the costs of dental treatments, whether it be a cosmetic, preventative, or restorative dentistry treatment and you worry that your insurance company may not assist with the costs of dental treatment, call our office today to learn more about the options that we have available.

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