Can Poor Dental Care Affect Your Health?

Can Poor Dental Care Affect Your Health Dentist in Buffalo, NY

The mouth is a small part of the body, but this does not mean that oral health care should be overlooked. We all know that poor brushing, flossing, and dietary habits can damage our teeth, but what many readers may find surprising is that the health of one’s mouth has a direct effect on the health of the rest of the body. An infection in a tooth that goes untreated can allow some wayward bacteria to wind up in other organs, spreading disease and becoming harder to treat. To learn more about the correlation between dental health and overall health, watch dentist Mark L. Teach’s video below where he answers the question “can poor dental care affect your health?”.

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How Can Poor Dental Care Affect Your Health?

Buffalo Dentist Mark L. Teach Explains

There is a strong correlation between poor oral health and the incidence of gum disease. In addition, some of the same bacteria that causes gum disease is related to heart disease. For this reason, proper dental care is critical in the prevention of other diseases throughout the body.

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