Can Poor Dental Care Affect Your Health?

Can Poor Dental Care Affect Your Health Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Can Poor Dental Care Affect Your Health? – A Bigger Issue Than Expected

The mouth is a small part of the body, but this does not mean that oral health care should be overlooked. Can Poor Dental Care Affect Your Health? The answer is Yes! We all know that poor brushing, flossing, and dietary habits can damage our teeth, but what many readers may find surprising is that the health of one’s mouth has a direct effect on the health of the rest of the body.

An infection in a tooth that goes untreated, can allow some wayward bacteria to wind up in other organs, spreading disease and becoming harder to treat. There are a multitude of serious health problems due to poor dental hygiene. 

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Buffalo Dentist Mark L. Teach Explains How Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Health

Cardiovascular Disease

If you are someone who has poor dental hygiene, then you are at risk for heart disease and poor dental care can affect your health. Having inflammation of the gums can lead to periodontal disease. The bacteria from having periodontal disease can seep into your bloodstream, when this occurs you can end up with plaque hardening in your arteries. When your arteries harden this is also known as atherosclerosis which is a serious condition. Your likelihood of having a heart attack with atherosclerosis increases greatly due to the blockages of the heart as well as blood flow complications. You are also at a higher risk for stroke and hypertension because of the damage of the blood vessels and arteries. You are even at risk for endocarditis which is a fatal condition where the lining of the heart becomes infected.


Many people wouldn’t think your oral health influences your brain, but it does. When gums are inflamed from infection, they release substances that have the capability to kill your brain cells, leading to memory loss. Alzheimer’s disease along with dementia can be a result from gingivitis. This happens when the bacteria in the mouth enters nerve channels or the bloodstream.

Respiratory Infections

Your respiratory system can be weakened with poor dental care and can affect your health. When you have bacteria in your mouth from swollen gums and infected teeth they can be inhaled into your lungs or migrate through the bloodstream. Once the bacteria are in your lungs or bloodstream this can lead to pneumonia, acute bronchitis, COPD and respiratory infections.


When you are someone living with diabetes you are more at risk for infection than someone who is not living with diabetes. When you have periodontal disease, you can see an increase in your blood sugars, making them more difficult to control. The symptoms from periodontal disease can also worsen due to the increase in blood sugars.

It Is crucial to your overall health to follow a proper oral hygiene routine to prevent any complications. If you are not someone living with diabetes and have periodontal disease you may be putting yourself at risk for type two diabetes since having poor oral health puts you at an increased risk for developing type two diabetes.


The best way to prevent any serious complications from bad oral health is to practice good oral hygiene techniques. Remember to brush twice a day, floss at least once a day, preferably with products including fluoride. It is also important to go to your annual cleanings to ensure your teeth are in optimal condition and address any underlying issues that may be occurring.

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