Bone Graft Costs

What To Know About Bone Graft Costs

Zachary Teach, a dedicated dentist in Buffalo outlines bone graft costs in the following educational video on bone grafting for dental implants. If you have questions, or would like to schedule your first dental appointment, please contact us today.

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A patient came into the office the other day and they’re getting ready to move forward with their implant treatment, but I mentioned that a bone graft might be possible. I like to mention that ahead of time because there’s usually a little bit of an added cost with that procedure. Depending on the extensivity or how extensive the bone graft is going to be, can determine how much the bone graft is going to cost and the amount of materials that are going to be used. These are going to be individualized for specific treatments for the patient, which can also be discussed, but I would approximately give a range anywhere between $300 and $800.

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