Are Dental Implants Painful?

Dedicated Buffalo Dentist Explains if Dental Implants Hurt When Placed

If you are concerned about a dental implant hurting, watch this video by implant dentist Dr. Teach as he answers the question, Are Dental Implants Painful?


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I had a patient come in the other day inquiring about a dental implant, and she’s had some prior dental history issues with extractions, infection, post-operative pain and issues that have kind of put her aside from doing any kind of surgical procedure. I tried to reiterate to her, with confidence, that unfortunately I wasn’t there to handle her previous dental situation, and I felt sorry for her that she had issues with pain with prior procedures. I tried to reiterate and I tried to talk to her about how simple and how non-invasive an actual implant being placed into a patient can really be.

Again, a lot of times if you’re interested in a dental implant or want to come to the office, we can discuss all the risks, the benefits, any questions that you might have, just so you have a solid foundation and idea of what actually is going to happen. A lot of medications that we use to deal with any kind of post-operative pain can be easily managed with over-the-counter medications that are used to take care of normal headaches. If a certain situation might require a stronger medication, those issues will be addressed for those specific circumstances.

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