Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Many people wonder if they are a candidate for dental implants. Find out if a dental implant would work for you in this educational video by Buffalo dentist Dr. Zachary Teach.


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One of the main questions that is always asked of me is, “Am I a good candidate to receive dental implants?? Two of the main things I like to ask my patients are if they are in good general health and if they maintain good oral health. If so, I’d say about 100% of those patients are adequate candidates to receive dental implants.

One of the main risk factors, in terms of possibly not receiving a dental implant, is if someone has excessive habits, whether it’s drinking and smoking or taking certain types of drugs. That might inhibit the stabilization of a dental implant. Again, these will all be addressed in the first appointment. When a patient comes in to see me, we’ll do a very in-depth review of their medical history so that we can figure out if they’ll be a good candidate to receive a dental implant.

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